The ancient globes by Vincenzo Coronelli

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The ancient globes by Vincenzo Coronelli

That wonderful object of desire

Thanks to the important initiative of the publishing house Cromosema in Rome, are still alive today, after more than two centuries, the beautiful globes, celestial and terrestrial, by Vincenzo Coronelli, masterfully reproduced in a limited number of copies as a result of years of research. Taken directly from the original Book of Globes, the twelve northern semifusi, the twelve southern semifusi and the two polar ice caps that make up the globe, were watercolor by hand, as the rare specimens housed in the most important museums and libraries around the world and printed in five colors on a special paper. They have been cleverly glued on a chalk ball and processed with shellac. Each reproduced Globe was then settled on a graduated meridian, on its rotation axis, and housed in a wooden turned solid, with octagonal horizon, and then finished with shellac. The precious little difference between the samples are to be considered as the evidence of the tecnique used in the construction craft, just as the example of Vincenzo Coronelli.

Book now the last available. To the first 100 contacts a rare gift: a litocolor from the Book of the Globes

Book now the latest available examples.

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